Tesco shopper stunned by Martin Lewis’ Downshift Challenge results

A Tesco shopper was left shocked at the results when undertaking the Martin Lewis Downshift Challenge during her weekly grocery shop. Writing for My London, journalist Alexandra Bullard decided to test the MoneySavingExpert.com founder’s suggestion that shoppers should buy basic or own-branded products and try and tell the difference in taste.

Ms Bullard expressed herself as a “lover of all things Kellogg’s and Heinz” and was intrigued to take on the challenge to see if there was a difference in taste and the cost. Her supermarket of choice was Tesco, who have a variety of different categories for the challenge such as Tesco’s own brand, Tesco’s Finest, Hearty Food Co. and The Grower’s Harvest for example.

With a list of essentials for her shop, Ms Bullard managed to spend less than £ 15 for 14 items – a huge saving as households in the UK try to negotiate against the soaring costs of living. Here was the items that she bought:

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  • Stockwell & Co 24 Wheat Biscuits 432G (74p)
  • Tesco 6 Crumpets (25p)
  • The Growers Harvest Long Grain Rice 1KG (45p)
  • Tesco Oat Drink 1L (1.00)
  • Tesco Squeezy Honey 340G (1.80)
  • Tesco Coconut Milk 400ml (90p)
  • Tesco Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 420G (35p)
  • Tesco Clementine Or Sweet Easy Peeler Pack 600G (1.35)
  • Tesco Vegetable Soup 400G (50p)
  • Growers Harvest Pure Apple Juice 1 Liter (69p)
  • Hearty Food Co. Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce 440G (39p)
  • Tesco Tuna Chunks In Brine 3X80g (2.00)
  • Hearty Food Co. Spaghetti Pasta 500G (20p)
  • Tesco Smoked Salmon 120 G (3.00 Clubcard price)

Total Cost: £ 13.62

Items such as vegetables and tinned foods represented “virtually no difference in taste” compared to the branded alternatives but it was the breakfast selections that shocked her. As a big fan of Warburtons crumpets and Weetabix, Alexandra was “apprehensive” about trying the Tesco-own crumpets and Stockwell & Co equivalent of Weetabix.

However, she admitted that there were no differences in the crumpets and although the cheaper biscuit cereal was smaller in size and the packaging was less appealing, it passed the taste test with flying colors. Other products such as rice and honey, where Alexandra would pay for the brand giants version, have seen her convert her to the lesser-named alternatives thanks to taste and cost.

There was one product, though, that could not match the well-known favorites and that was Tesco Baked Beans. Ms Bullard admitted that she was “horrified at how bland and watery it was” and that she would stick with Heinz during her next shop.

Overall verdict : “I highly recommend adopting this into your weekly food shop”.

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