Man dies after setting himself on fire outside Supreme Court Building, officials say

The person was airlifted to an area hospital.

A man died after setting himself on fire outside of the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC, on Friday, officials said.

The incident occurred around 6:30 pm on the plaza in front of the building, Supreme Court spokesperson Patricia McCabe said in a statement.

Supreme Court Police, US Capitol Police and DC police responded, and the person was airlifted to an area hospital.

DC police said Saturday that the man, identified as Wynn Bruce of Boulder, Colorado, succumbed to his injuries.

No one else was injured, according to McCabe.

DC police is investigating the death.

US Capitol Police tweeted around 6:40 pm that a medical helicopter had just landed near the US Capitol Building for a “medical emergency.”

“This is not a public safety issue,” it said.

The helicopter left the area about 15 minutes later.

The area remained closed after the incident for further investigation, McCabe said.

The circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear.

Editor’s Note: The victim’s name was misidentified as Bruce Wynn in an earlier version of this story. It has been updated.

ABC News’ Sarah Shales contributed to this report.

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