Kinahan extraditions from UAE ‘not impossible’ say gardaí

The sudden decision by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to take action against the Kinahan cartel raises the prospect of its leaders being extradited to Ireland or another EU country, Garda sources believe.

Due to the US sanctions announced last week and similar measures by the UAE, which emerged yesterday, Dubai is no longer a safe haven for the cartel’s leadership and their options for a new country to relocate to are limited.

Garda sources said the Kinahans may stay in Dubai for now, perhaps out of fear they would be arrested if the tried to leave. If so, their extradition to Ireland or another European country was “not impossible”, said gardaí, even though no extradition treaty exists between the UAE and the Republic or EU.

Last month, Italian drug trafficker Raffaele Imperiale (47) was extradited from Dubai to Italy after the courts in both jurisdictions cooperated on the case, despite the lack of formal extradition arrangements.

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