Ireland falling far short of tree planting targets, CSO report finds

The amount of land planted for forestry in Ireland in 2021 was just a quarter of targets contained in the Government’s Climate Action Strategy, the CSO has confirmed.

According to figures in the CSO’s first statistical report on forestry, Afforestation Area 2021 the rate of tree planting shrank from 6,947 hectares in 2007 to just 2,016 hectares in 2021.

The state had previously set a target to increase the annual afforestation level to an annual 20,000 hectares to the year 2030.

But this was amended to just 8,000 hectares after significant licensing difficulties for planting and felling were encountered by the Department of Agriculture.

The CSO data show the 8,000 hectares target – which is included in the Government’s Climate Action Plan – is being missed by a significant margin.

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